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“Oxford of the East”

Pune Tourism

Known by a number of connotations like ‘the cultural hub of Maharashtra’, or the ‘Oxford of the East’, or ‘The Queen of the Deccan’, Pune stands true to all of these. While it has a rich historical past, the present culture in the city makes it one of the most exciting places in the great state of Maharashtra. With the number of colleges and institutes getting established in and around this city, Pune happens to be buzzing with a very fresh young vibe. So while the historical aspect of this city makes it well worth a trip, so do the new nightclubs and cafes!

Pune showcases the perfect amalgamation of the new and old India. The very place where Chatrapati Shivaji was raised, Pune has a rich history and many maharajas had built there palaces here. Pune with its plethora of history is also called the cultural hub of the state. It is one of the fastest growing cities of India and is becoming the next IT hub. Pune is also famous for a lot of educational institutes established here and you would find the city brimming with students. No wonder, it is also called the ‘Oxford of the east’. Pune is also very close to the hill-stations of Matheran, Lonavla, Khandala, Kamshet, etc.  

Aga Khan Palace

Aga Khan Palace, Pune Overview

The mighty edifice of Aga Khan Palace is situated in Pune and was built by Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan III in the year 1892. It is one of the most important landmarks in Indian history and has been instrumental in many defining moments of India’s independence. Aga Khan Palace is well known both for its architectural excellence as well as its historical significance. Spread over a vast land of 19 acres, the palace is now the headquarters of the Gandhi National Memorial society. Here, making khadi is still one of the prime activities.

The Palace is a grand building and it is very crucially associated with the Indian Freedom Movement. The reason behind the construction of this palace was to support the poor in the neighbouring areas who were hit by famine. In the memory of Kasturba Gandhi and Mahadev Desai, architect Charles Corea had their memorials built in the premises of the palace. The palace houses a museum which holds a rich collection of pictures. There are also other items like the personal belongings of Gandhi. The Palace also has the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi hurried in its ground. In 2003, the monument was declared to be of national importance.   

 Shaniwar Wada

Shaniwar Wada, Pune Overview

The former love-nest of Bajirao and Kashi, the Shaniwar Wada in Pune is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in Maharashtra. This grand mansion was built by the Peshwa Bajirao I himself as the residence of the Peshwas. Covering a vast area of about 625 acres, the palace is the ideal place to catch a glimpse of India’s rich history. The place never fails to amaze the visitor with its various forts and fountain, and the majestic statue of Baji Rao I that greets the visitor at the entrance of the palace.

However, such was the fate of this magnificent complex that it is now the most haunted places of Pune. The palace which was constructed with great enthusiasm and excitement to witness laudable tales of the Peshwas sadly saw nothing other than deceit, ill fate and torment. In the very first year of its completion, the palace saw an untimely death of Peshwa Bajirao I, his disloyalty to his first wife Kashi, and the unfinished love story of Bajirao-Mastani. Once reputed for its marvellous architecture, the palace is now dreaded for its paranormal activities. This and much more has made the site a must-visit place. So, be sure to include it in your itinerary when you next visit Pune

Mulshi Lake and Dam


Mulshi Lake and Dam, Pune Overview

Mulshi lake is formed in the catchment area of Mulshi dam. Known for its scenic beauty due to Sahyadri ranges, Koraigadh and Dhangad fort, it is a perfect gateway for nature lovers.

Bund Garden

Bund Garden, Pune Overview

The Bund Garden is situated in the city of Pune and is deemed as one of the most beautiful and well-maintained gardens in the city. Also known as Mahatma Gandhi Udhyan, it is a favourite among joggers and people who enjoy spending time outdoors in the sun. The locals here prefer the garden as their go-to place when looking for some quiet and calm, and Bund Garden attracts a lot of visitors during the morning and evening hours. Another attraction here is the Fitzgerald Bridge, which garners as many tourists as the Bund Garden itself. The garden is a beautiful place for the elderly and kids and is a famous picnic spot for families and youngsters as well.

Bund Garden has a well-maintained layout that is abundant with natural flora and verdant greenery. You will see a walking track laid down all over the place and people enjoying a picnic with their friends and family. Another reason that makes Bund Garden one of the locals’ favourite is that it is surrounded by some of the most well-known eateries in the city which serve quality food at nominal prices. Once you are done with your daily routine of exercise, you can head down to any one of these places and treat yourself to a little reward! The place is ideal if you are an early riser and fitness fanatic, and is a must visit if you enjoy quiet time in the lap of nature.   

National War Museum

National War Museum, Pune Overview

The museum owes its existence to the efforts and contributions of countless people from all walk of life. It has hence, become a popular attraction for the town, that celebrates and creates increasing awareness and knowledge about Indian army and its soldiers

Osho Ashram

Osho Ashram, Pune Overview

A place known for its serenity and surreal ways to meditate away from the hustle and bustle of city lives, Osho Ashram is popularly known as Osho Meditation Resort. Located in Pune, the unique blend of meditation and the Greek concept of resort stay make this experience a truly memorable one. The Ashram is a tranquil place which brings you to your own centers of peace, meditation & oneness. The ideologies of Osho also can be found here. People visit the Osho Ashram to meditate, facilitate and channelize their inner thoughts and feelings and usually to reconnect with their inner being. The Ashram is a wonderful place to hunt for the meaning we tend to look for in our everyday lives.

Started in 1974, Osho Ashram witnesses a huge number of visitors throughout the year, especially the foreigners. This exciting and intense place has a distinctive atmosphere. The members here can indulge in various dynamic meditation sessions and therapies throughout the day. Interested folks can choose from the Osho guesthouse or the Osho living in the program, according to their whim. The usual schedule at Osho Ashram includes Dynamic meditation, Vipassana meditation, Nadabrahma meditation, Kundalini meditation; the list is endless. There is a gamut of activities available to soothe your mind and strengthen your inner strength through natural means. Their teachings mainly revolve around control over one’s mind, meditation, Sannyas and renunciation.

Millions of people have gained immense peace by participating in the activities at Osho Ashram at Pune and hence throwing light on its influential consequences of people from all across the Globe. Although initially, it seems to be functioning as any regularly paid resort, Osho Ashram provides the real soothing relaxation to the visitors. With a mind-boggling number of activities to keep you actively engaged, this place is like an entirely new world that deals with the ideal ways to survive and remain happy in one’s life.  

Panshet Water Park

Panshet Water Park, Pune Overview

One of the most loved attraction of the city, one can enjoy kayaking, rides, water scooters, speed boats, swimming and much more here.

Parvati Hill Temple

Parvati Hill Temple, Pune Overview

Once the private shrine of the Peshwas, the temple was built in the 17th century by Balaji Baji Rao. 108 steep flights above, is the temple on a hillock from where one can behold some of the most beautiful views of the city.

Sinhagad and Khadakwasala

Sinhagad and Khadakwasala, Pune Overview

The fort is a beautiful place,1380 m above the sea level. Khadakwasala also has a dam which is absolutely worth a visit during the monsoons.

Katraj Snake Park

Katraj Snake Park, Pune Overview

The Katraj Snake Park is the most visited and loved tourist attraction in the Rajiv Gandhi Zoo that is located in Katraj, near the city of Pune in India. The Rajiv Gandhi is a famous and grand zoo that is spread over an area of 130 acres and is managed by the Pune Municipal Corporation. It is divided into three parts: the central zoo, an animal orphanage, and the most famous of all: the Katraj Snake Park. The snake park has successfully managed to acquaint thousands of visitors with the unusual and fascinating wildlife through its extensive collection of snakes, reptiles, birds and turtles.

The Katraj Snake Park is a time-tested proof that fantastic and fun-filled places necessarily need not be expensive. The snake park is home to over 22 species of snakes with ten species of reptiles, that comprises of more than 150 individuals. This marvellous collection also includes a 13-foot long king cobra. In 1986, Mr Neelam Kumar Khaire, who was the first director of the park, with assistance from the Pune Municipal Corporation, had created the Katraj Snake Park on the land that was to become the Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park later on. The park since then has garnered thousands of nature enthusiasts and animal lovers.

The Snake Park organises a myriad of snake festivals and snake awareness programs to clarify doubts that people may have about snakes and to destroy fears about snakes. During Nag Panchami, the park also arranges programs that aim to focus on discouraging the ill-treatment of snakes. The species of snakes include Cobra, Pythons and Russell’s vipers. Think of the Katraj Snake Park, and words like joy, laughter, fun and family moments would immediately pop up in your mind. This is exactly why a visit to this tourist attraction is a must to again get in touch with your lost childhood and adventurous streak.


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