Best Places To Visit In Nagpur

Nagpur Tourism

Commonly associated with its delectable juicy varieties of oranges, Nagpur is also the winter capital of Maharashtra and has a rich cultural heritage to enchant its visitors.

Nagpur, also known as the ‘Orange city’ of India because of the juiciest varieties of oranges found in its orchards. With temples, lush green gardens, lakes and most definitely connected via main cities it becomes the ideal holiday destination. It is also known as the second capital of Maharashtra as a lot of government offices are here. There are many tourists attractions here, namely Deeksha Bhumi, Ambazari lake, Futala lake, Ramtek fort temple, Bohra masjid and mandatorily orange orchards that are worth a visit.  

Dhamma chakra stupa

Dhamma chakra stupa, Nagpur Overview

Also known as Deeksha Bhumi, the stupa is a marvelous architectural body and can accommodate more than 5,000 people. It is built out of Dhaulpur sandstone, marbles & granites and is 120 feet in height.

Followers of Ambedkar & Buddhism gather here on Ashoka Vijaya Dashmi, marked to celebrate the amalgamation of many dalits to Buddhism by Doctor Ambedkar, to offer their tributes. The place is of great religious importance to them.

Lata Mangeshkar Musical garden

Lata Mangeshkar Musical garden, Nagpur Overview

An amphitheater accommodating 2,500 people in its sprawling and enormous spread-out, the place is true to its name. This place is filled with musical fountains, soothing tunes and music all played out by the musicians. This garden soothes the soul of every visitor.

Maharaj Bagh and Zoo

Maharaj Bagh and Zoo, Nagpur Overview

Built by the Bhonsle kings, the enticing park was later renovated into a botanical garden and zoo which houses rare species of flora and fauna. Nature enthusiast will most definitely love this place.

Ramtek Fort Temple

Ramtek Fort Temple, Nagpur Overview

Away from the city crowd, situated inside a fort on a hilltop, this temple is a source of rich mythological history. It is believed that Lord Rama took rest in this temple before leaving to conquer Lanka therefore making Lord Rama the main deity to be worshipped here.

Ambazari lake

Ambazari lake, Nagpur Overview

Located on the southwest border of Nagpur in Maharashtra in India, the Ambazari Lake is one of the eleven lakes that the city of Nagpur houses. At the same time, it is the largest lake in the entire city and also one of the most beautiful lakes that you would ever have laid eyes on. Boating facilities in rowboats, as well as self-driven paddleboats, are also available to the visitors, which add to the fun and excitement of visiting the lake and help them to explore the surrounding scenic beauty. The Ambazari Lake is a beautiful place to visit and enjoy along with friends and family members.

The Ambazari Lake is situated just 6 kilometres away from the western outskirts of Nagpur and is looked after and maintained by the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC). It was initially built in the year 1870, under Bhonsle rule, for supplying water to the city. Just beside the Ambazari Lake, one can find the Ambazari Garden, which is particularly popular amongst the children and doubles up as an amusement park for them. Nevertheless, the experience at the gardens is enjoyed by adults too. The garden also has pavements for the old people to run on early in the mornings and evenings, or whenever they feel like. It also comprises of a fountain, electric rides and various amusement games for the kids as well as the elderly to enrich the experience of whosoever visits the place. In fact, the lake derives its name Ambazari, because of this very fact that it is surrounded by mango trees. (The word Amba means mango in Marathi.)

The Nag River also originates from here, and the site is indeed a marvel to look at. If truth is stated, Nagpur can actually come across as terribly crowded if you don’t head to explore amazing and fantastic places like this lake. A stroll at this lake while enjoying some soft music immediately uplifts one’s mood and makes for an ideal and delightful evening.  

Raman Science Centre

Raman Science Centre, Nagpur Overview

Raman Science Center was established on 7th March 1992 following which the planetarium was made functional on 5th January 1997. It is affiliated with Nehru Science Center of Mumbai. Various science exhibitions are carried out in the center which shows the growth in science and technology and the application of science in human welfare. The center has got its name from the winner of Nobel Prize, the Indian physicist Mr. Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman. The center thereby supports a scientific bent of mind and attitude.

The purpose of any place is of importance to some level in getting the attention, but the facilities offered by that place is what keeps that attention going and make it stay. Some services provided by the center include a gallery showcasing Information & Technology, inventions and innovations brought in from people from across the globe, an exhibition called fun science which gives a practical insight into the scientific principles, a beautiful and large science park which is spread over 6 acres of land.

A pre-historic animal park, 3D shows, planetarium, science demonstration lectures as well as sky observation programs are some of the other interest intriguing activities which are undertaken by Raman Science Centre.  

Khindsi Lake, Ramtek

Khindsi Lake, Ramtek, Nagpur Overview

40 km away from the main city, this beautiful lake is a very popular tourist destination given its natural beauty and water sports it hosts. There are a few accommodation options here too.

Futala lake

Futala lake, Nagpur Overview

Constructed by Raje Bhosle, the lake is famous for its alluring and calm atmosphere and colourful fountains. A perfect spot for spending some great quality time with your loved ones.

Bohra Masjid

Bohra Masjid, Nagpur Overview

Mostly worshipped by the Dawoodi Bohra community of Nagpur, the architecturally beautiful mosque is mainly used for community gatherings and weddings.

 Lake garden Sakkardara

Lake garden Sakkardara, Nagpur Overview

The comprehensive garden lake on the banks of the Sakkardara lake is a famous gateway for the local families of Nagpur. The lake engages you in its beauty and calm atmosphere.

Shukrawari lake

Shukrawari lake, Nagpur Overview

Once known as the Jumma Talab, is also referred to as Gandhi sagar lake in the present times. With boating facilities, A Ganesh temple, Huge stone walls around, tall lustrous trees makes for a wholesome experience.